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I write music, take pictures, and mess about with computers. Keeping my head above water, always out of my depth.







You will notice as we go through these tunes that there are rarely any remixes, re-edits, or versions of tracks. I'm not exactly sure why but we generally tended to work through an idea until we thought it was done, recorded it, then moved on to the next one. We might have had a few projects on the go and some of these might have spawned new ones but we never really revisited anything once it was finished. There are of course exceptions and here we have one. It could be that we had a fear of overworking a track. Much of what we did we liked because of its rawness.

On yersel big man

This is the first of our collaborations with other artists. It was an off the cuff jam with our long time friend Dave Philp. Dave is a phenomenal guitarist and a true natural. He was a member of Cannon, Uncle John and Whitelock, and currently is a member of Adopted as Holograph. There was no plan or structure and it really was just a jam session. The basic track was a work in progress, which is probably really noticeable at the start of the tune. Some of the elements are really strong though.


So, here we have the appearance of the Kawai K1. As I said previously we tended to run out of synths on some of our more lavish productions but we also really desired to have something that could recreate the sound of real instruments. Strings in particular were something we felt we were missing in a number of tracks. I also have a great love of choir sounds. So we decided to try and pick up a relatively cheap sample based multitimbral digital synth. What we really desired was a Kawai K4 because it had a filter section on top of everything else.